KimoYES April 2021 Promotion!

Kimoyes currently has several special offers which will last until midnight Tuesday April 6th

Dear Customers,

Cool weather and holidays - what a great combination for getting out the sewing machine and getting creative. We at KimoYes are here to help you! Please read on to learn about our special Easter promotions.



 20% off ALL bolt fabrics! 

For the next 5 days, we are discounting all fabric bolts on our website and in the shop by 20%. This includes all of our cotton yukata, wools, synthetics, wools, silks, and obi bolt fabrics. This includes:

Have a look at some of what is available below...

KimoYES product # 26114
KimoYES product # 26000
KimoYES product # 26110
KimoYES product # 25956
KimoYES product # 25954
KimoYES product # 25931
KimoYES product # 25927
KimoYES product # 25925
KimoYES product # 25895
KimoYES product # 25981
KimoYES product # 25865
KimoYES product # 25858
KimoYES product # 25851
KimoYES product # 25780
KimoYES product # 25760
KimoYES product # 25915

 Obi bolt fabrics 

These bolts of fabric were intended to make Japanese obi or were once Japanese obi and for some reason or another have been unpicked and rolled. Most, however, are unused and still have manufacturer's labels attached. They are of great value and can be used for making table runners, wall hangings, bags, and so on. For those of you who don’t like to cut into garments, these are ideal for your projects. Have a look at the ones below...

KimoYES product # 26155
KimoYES product # 26152
KimoYES product # 26157
KimoYES product # 26151
KimoYES product # 25644
KimoYES product # 24047
KimoYES product # 21734
KimoYES product # 22291

 $50 Silk Pack Giveaways 

Over Easter, we are giving away our popular $50 silk packs with all orders of $50+ (AUD or equivalent) during the five-day promotional period and whose invoice ends either a '0' or '5' (a 1-in-5 chance of winning!). If this is you, we will include a complimentary pack with your order. 

Our Easter promotion ends at midnight on Tuesday, April 6 and you can take advantage of our offers anytime during this five-day period. Our Phillip store in Canberra, Australia, is closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and the usual Monday and Tuesday.

 Phillip (Canberra) shop sale 

This coming Saturday (EASTER SATURDAY) we are discounting EVERYTHING in our Canberra store by 10%! If it is in our shop, it is 10% off (except for bolt fabric which will still be 20% off, of course).

For those of you interested in the art of ikebana, we have a number of new ikebana vases in the shop. I’m including a few photos to spike your interest (see below). We open at 9am and close at 5pm on Saturday, so don’t miss out.


We wish all of you a happy and restful Easter.


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