2018 Australia Day Sale - 20% off bolt fabric + choose your own free fabrics!!!

Kimoyes currently has two special offers which will last until midnight Mon Jan 29th

Happy Australia Day to all our Aussie KimoYes customers and followers. Hello, too, to all our other customers in the US, Britain, Europe and other corners of the earth. As an 8th generation Australian and First Fleeter, today is close to my heart. Please read on to learn about our Australia Day Sale... this promotion ends at midnight next Monday, January 29th.


 20% OFF ALL BOLT Fabric 

That’s right, 20% OFF all bolt fabrics including silks, wools, synthetics, yukatas and obi bolts.

 Choose your own FREE fabric! 

In addition to the above discounts, for every $30 (AUD or equivalent) spent during this promotion, you can choose your own FREE half yard length from our special range of promotional bolts. If you spend $60, you can choose one full yard (or two separate half yards) and so on. Mix and match as you like. Where possible, fabrics will be cut in continuous lengths. These promotional bolts are not yet on the website and contain some gorgeous fabrics, so get in quick to take advantage.

 What's New at KimoYES? 

We've made a few minor changes to the website and it is now easier to browse things in the site's Miscellaneous sections. Check out the new chirimen cords and bigger range of cotton and hemp noren. We’ve also added more interesting bundle packs and panels. This month in the shop I have been concentrating on building up our range of cotton boro, including woven and katazome indigo vintage cottons. The new sections can be found in the main menu (to the left) of the website, or see the following:


 Learn Ikebana in the Canberra Region 

Ikebana is the amazing floral art of Japan. If you live in the Canberra region, you can learn some of the amazing Ikebana skills from Alexander Evans of Hanakuma. Alex lives and teaches in Murrumbatemen. I have seen his inspiring and exciting work and am looking forward to doing his course later on this year. His next course commences on Saturday February 3. Find out more from his website

 Shop News 

Our Canberra shopfront will be open today (Australia Day) and also over the weekend. The aforementioned discounts will also apply in-store as will a range of free 1/2 yard pieces. Our box of fabric packs including obi off-cuts, vintage cottons, yakata and silks is overflowing. We’ve also added lots of new chairman cords, boro, and garments, some of which are also on the website.  Please stop by and visit us!


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