2017 November SALE - 200 items at 1/2 price and earring giveaway!!

Kimoyes currently has two special offers which will last until midnight Monday November 27th

Dear Customers,

Our shelves are bursting with beautiful kimono fabrics and we are marking 200 of these at half price to make way for these new silks, wools, synthetics and yukata cottons and garments. Our November Promotion ends at midnight next Monday November 27th, please read on for details...

 200 items at 1/2 price!! 

That's right! Until midnight next Monday November 27th, 200 items on the KimoYES website will be 50% off!! Included are items from across our entire range (fabrics, garments, etc), click here to see the discounted items, or below for just a small selection. As always, stocks are limited and items are sold first-come-first-served, so don't delay to grab a bargain!

KimoYES product # 20465
KimoYES product # 21399
KimoYES product # 21257
KimoYES product # 20136
KimoYES product # 21383
KimoYES product # 21241
KimoYES product # 14762
KimoYES product # 20467
KimoYES product # 21241
KimoYES product # 11065
KimoYES product # 20568
KimoYES product # 21406
KimoYES product # 20772
KimoYES product # 16719
KimoYES product # 20468
KimoYES product # 20372
KimoYES product # 21237
KimoYES product # 20985
KimoYES product # 21242
KimoYES product # 18386
 New stock 

On my last trip to Japan I was able to buy some gorgeous bolt fabrics. Many of these are great for scarves, garments, bags and other projects. Below are just a few of these, and you will find the rest on the KimoYES website...

KimoYES product # 21500
KimoYES product # 21497
KimoYES product # 21496
KimoYES product # 21485
KimoYES product # 21477
KimoYES product # 21469
KimoYES product # 21458
KimoYES product # 21453
KimoYES product # 21447
KimoYES product # 21438
KimoYES product # 21434
KimoYES product # 21432
 Our Christmas gift to you 

Just for a bit of fun and to celebrate the Xmas season, KimoYES is giving away a beautiful pair of crystal earrings with every $50 (AUD or equivalent) spent during this promotion. If you spend $100 you will receive 2 pairs and so on. You will be given the chance to select your preferred design as you add items to your shopping cart (each time you reach an increment of $50). Click here to see the earrings on offer

KimoYES product # 21493
KimoYES product # 21492
KimoYES product # 21491
KimoYES product # 21489
 Shop Sale 

During the November promotion, we are also taking 20% off anything in the shop made of fabric - pieces, bolts, kits and so on. All shop customers will also get a free pair of Xmas earrings until the end of the sale next Monday at midnight!

 Shop News 

On my last trip to Japan, I purchased some exclusive Christmas themed sashiko kits. These are so beautiful, that I have listed some in the miscellaneous section of the KimoYES website. Besides lots of new fabrics, I’ve also added more small Japanese antiques and curios which are great gifts for for family and friends. Drop in if you are in or near our beautiful city of Canberra. Our opening hours are on the website and this year we are open right up until and including, Xmas Eve.


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